Katie Shepherd, a legal fellow at the American Immigration Council, worries that Trump’s promises to deport millions of undocumented people could land more women and children in detention with curtailed due process access.

One must ask immediately – if undocumented people need due process, why not American males in the military or in colleges threatened by Title IX crusades against them? Indeed, why aren’t we talking about how American male citizens are being denied due process?

The quote above comes from Truth-out‘s article on the effects of Trump’s executive orders on the deportation of undocumented people. It emphasizes the writer’s argument that “women and children” are at greater risk in deportation actions – especially in terms of losing due process. 

I have no problem with this assertion – as long as it is being made for American males first since American men, whether in the military or colleges, have been stripped of due process rights and are being treated like second-class citizens.

To be fair, it is true that in the past, Truth-out has run articles arguing against the loss of due process under the Title IX inquisition crusade – for instance, here and here. Nonetheless, most of the mainstream media has remained mute on this incredibly serious issue, which registers high in terms of sexism and racism.

The causes for mainstream media’s silence are certainly troubling, but they are recognizable causes from the point of view of power. Economic and social power is most threatened by large groups of men bound to a cause of fairness. Such male-oriented causes have overturned kings, broken monopolies, battled for fair wages, and established laws to protect the poorest members of society – but all of that seems in the past.

Living in an age with the potential for nuclear holocaust, which seems to minimize the threat of world war, as well as living in a global economy that necessitates the breaking of long-standing male labor groups built during the early 20th century – the Establishment and its media cannot afford to support the empowerment of working class males or men’s rights groups. Instead, the Establishment has shown that it will effectively destroy traditional male power and will continue to do so without a strong men’s movement by

  • demoralizing males by tripling the incarceration rates of men since the 1970s,
  • economically crushing men by effectively breaking male-dominated union movements,
  • lowering wages and salaries by increasing access and power to females in the workplace,
  • ending labor competition by outsourcing of labor to the cheapest and most exploitative markets worldwide,
  • kicking men further into the gutter with the steady rise in unemployment and lower wages for working class men,
  • and targeting males as aggressors and predators with an expansive feminist sexual political agenda in the workplace and at colleges.