the_red_pill_poster_8I was happy to see The Red Pill in my Amazon Prime queue this week, so I immediately ordered it and watched it. I have to say that the rather modest and vulnerable manner that Cassie Jaye takes in documenting her discoveries about the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) is so appealing at many levels. It might be viewed as a surprise witness performance, but because it appears so authentically a feminist’s experience in listening (rarely done by most feminists), it avoids any shocking moments of realization for instead a accumulative approach that works ever so slowly to come to new realizations about both MRMs and feminism.

Jaye’s feminist’s journey into MRMs begins by questioning their beliefs before turning to one realization after another (amazingly) that there are so many disadvantages in being a man in our society. Namely, these are that men represent only 40% of all university students, yet they represent 75% of all suicides, 80% of all homicide victims, 93% of all prisoners, 99% of all combat deaths, and so on. What Jaye begins to realize, I believe, is that the new face of chivalry (feminism) has triumphed and has permitted wholesale blindness to the grievances of men. Clearly, in our current grievance society, being male is a sin. For my brothers out there who are still too macho, detached, and chivalrous to accept the fact that men can be victims too, I highly recommend seeing this film. Even better, have others watch it with you and discuss its implications.