obama-feministThe university has become the place for openly denigrating and demonizing men without recourse. Women’s studies programs continue to expand whereas even the mention of masculinity studies is treated as misogynistic on most campuses. Offensive epithets and phrases circulate without question on campuses these days. Some of these anti-male phrases are dead white males, white male privilege, misogynistic, toxic masculinity, and so on. Why these go uncontested is yet to be effectively discussed. However, a more troubling question must be addressed first: What are the causes of this uptick in misandry on higher education campuses over the past decade? 

I argue an old truism, that unchecked power will corrupt – as it has with feminist ideology and politics on higher education campuses. It no longer is about finding equality or understanding gender relations. It is about male hatred.

Still, although one would expect male hatred to diminish in light of the series of new advantages and positions for women in higher education, it is these shifts in power and privilege that bring a change in norms and speech codes. It seems clear that it is actually the fact that women are gaining power and increasing their perks in post-secondary schools that produces such terrible consequences for men. And if so, the trajectory for women gaining more power seems still ever arcing (which raises a question for later about how to intercept that arc or to let it crash).

To make clear the power change, here are some of the advantages women have recently gained in higher education:

  1. U.S. college faculty ratio for each year since 2009 has been moving to almost equal balance between men and women. And, in 2016, the ratio was 51% male versus 49% female, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics.
  2. U.S. college and university student enrollment ratios for young men and women has had a divisive effect, with females dominating at almost 58%, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics.
  3. Almost every major American university and college has a Women’s Studies program. Whether at Harvard or Yale, whether at four-year liberal arts schools or community colleges, there’s probably a Women’s Studies program, and if not, there soon will be. By stark contrast, there are only a handful of Men’s Studies programs in the U.S.  Along with this dominating trend come safe spaces and micro-aggressions.
  4. The Title IX inquisition begun by the Obama administration has chilled college and university campuses so that the minority gender (young men) enter higher education with trepidation. And if they do not, they will suffer for it. The effect of the Title IX inquisition is this: It treats young men prima facie as sexual predators and rapists. Indeed, the script of Title IX actionability favors automatically the female as the perennial victim who must be believed without any recourse to due process – unless you are feminist Laura Kipnis who was branded a rape apologist.